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The Learning Centre helps hundreds of learners every year to achieve their goals - often with life-changing results.

Helping people to achieve their goals

Helping people achieve their goals

The Learning Centre is focused on helping its learners achieve thier goals - finding a job, professional developmnet or further study. Last year we helped over 500 learners achieve over 700 leaerning outcomes, with at least 178 peopel going on to find employmnet as a consequence. This page presents two of our learner's stories.

Dee's story



Patrick's Story

When Patrick wanted to turn his life around, our Learning Centre became a launchpad into employment as a bus driver.

Patrick gained his bus drivers' licence at our Learning Centre and went on to become a full time driver at our Ash Grove depot
Patrick gained his bus drivers' licence at our Learning Centre and went on to become a full time driver at our Ash Grove depot

Patrick recently gained his Road Passenger Vehicle Driving QCF Level 2 at our Learning Centre before moving on to full-time employment as a London red bus driver at our Ash Grove depot.

‘I had been a bus driver before, passing my PCV in 2001 and then working for a few years. If I’m honest, I never thought I’d drive professionally again.

‘About 13 years ago, I suffered a series of pretty serious personal reverses, losing my job, my home and my health in short order. I also didn’t help myself, making what might be described as some pretty bad decisions. I was very much in the wilderness; it was like being at the bottom of a deep, dark well – and it ended up with me in hospital about four years ago.

‘It was in hospital that I resolved to turn things around. If you don’t decide to do things for yourself, then you can’t really be helped, but with that decision made, I could reach out and ask for support. I was put back on my feet by two organisations – SHP and Cranstoun – and was then introduced to the HCT Group Learning Centre.

‘I initially took the Road Passenger Vehicle Driving course but, with my background in bus driving, people at the Learning Centre pointed me at similar opportunities. They advised me on how to reinstate my PCV licence and supported me as I applied to the HCT Group red bus operation.

‘I’ve now been driving red buses at HCT Group for several months. It’s given me a real goal and I enjoy every day. I’ve got a real reason to come to work and every day is different. When I come in, I’m excited, raring to go.‘

Patrick’s enthusiasm has carried right across into his work. Since he joined HCT Group, we have received no fewer than six letters of praise for the quality of his customer service from the travelling public, leading to formal commendations – an extraordinary achievement in an industry that rarely gets any comments at all!